Industrial or Home Construction,
One Coat Stucco is the Preferred Choice.

What Is One Coat Stucco?
One Coat is a blend of Portland cement, sand, fibers and special chemicals which will produce a durable, cost effective exterior wall treatment.
One Coat Stucco provides design flexibility, durability, versatility and cost savings...and it can be finished in a variety of ways including premixed cement finish coats.

- One Coat Stucco combines the "scratch and brown" into a single application.

And, One Coat Stucco is lightweight.

How Does One Coat Stucco Compare With Conventional Scratch and Brown Coat Stucco?
When One Coat is used, the application costs may be reduced by up to 50% over a scratch and Brown Coat Stucco System, because it is applied in a single coat. The One Coat Stucco System maximizes the use of scaffolding on a job site by opening up valuable workspace more quickly. Since One Coat Stucco is fiber reinforced, minimal shrinkage, less cracking and other related problems are experienced less often.
In short, the speed of application allows for completion of projects much quicker, saving time and money. Yet, One Coat Stucco provides the benefits expected from stucco...durability, design flexibility and fire resistance.

How Difficult Is One Coat Stucco To Work With?
Not difficult at all. One Coat can be applied by hand-troweling or machine spraying to almost any common wall substrate. Some of the substrates include foam plastic sheathing, insulation foam, exterior gypsum, asphalt impregnated sheathing, plywood and OSB exterior sheathing. One Coat Stucco may also be used over masonry block, concrete and brick without metal reinforcements. By combining the scratch and brown coat into a single base coat, One Coat Stucco simplifies the process!